Target Savannah Mall Evicted (2024)

1. Savannah Mall is not closed. Owners set to meet with stakeholders soon

  • 1 feb 2023 · Evictions sent to several of the mall's remaining businesses were issued because of rent payment issues. Alderman says owners are planning ...

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2. Store owned by Alderman Thomas evicted from Savannah Mall - WTOC

  • 19 jul 2019 · This eviction comes ...

  • The store owned by District 6 Alderman Tony Thomas has been evicted from the Savannah Mall.

Store owned by Alderman Thomas evicted from Savannah Mall - WTOC

3. Target Savannah Store, Savannah, GA

Target Savannah Store, Savannah, GA

4. Alderman Thomas' store evicted from mall - Savannah Morning News

  • Bevat niet: target | Resultaten tonen met:target

  • People driving through the parking lot of the Savannah Mall on Friday thought someone was getting ready to hold a big sale as various household items were being hauled to the lot. \n Some stopped to t…

Alderman Thomas' store evicted from mall - Savannah Morning News

5. What's open and closed on July 4th? Details on stores, restaurants ...

  • 4 dagen geleden · Target Savannah Mall Evicted. Hot Home Improvement Deals at Home Depot to Grab for July 4th. An Outdoor Cushion is the Secret to Comfortable ...

  • Banks and post offices will be closed on Thursday, July 4 in observance of Independence Day, however most major restaurant, grocery and retail store chains will remain open on the holiday.Companies such as Walmart, Starbucks, Chick-fil-A and Target, among many others, will keep their doors open on t...

What's open and closed on July 4th? Details on stores, restaurants ...

6. Savannah Mall Revisited - Sky City: Retail History

  • 25 nov 2009 · Publix was evicted due to Armstrong Atlantic buying the ... One MAJOR gripe about the Target mall entrance: THERE ARE NO CHECKOUT LANES.

  • One of my first posts on what was then Georgia Retail Memories was about Savannah Mall and its scary turn of events that had it teetering o...

Savannah Mall Revisited - Sky City: Retail History

7. Savannah Mall - Malls and Retail Wiki - Fandom

  • Target opened its first Savannah area store in the mall in October 2004. ... evicted in April 2015 before completion. Savannah Mall was previously owned by ...

  • Savannah Mall is an enclosed regional shopping mall on the southside of Savannah, Georgia. The mall opened on August 29, 1990 and has four anchor stores: Bass Pro Shops, Burlington Coat Factory, Dillard's, and Target. A 10 unit food court on the upper level of the mall features restaurants such as Subway and Sbarro. Since 2013 the food court has housed an animal-themed carousel. The center court features a variety of different functions, from fashion and flower shows, to art exhibits and Santa C

Savannah Mall - Malls and Retail Wiki - Fandom

8. Today, we can prise Scotland from rotten grip of toxic nationalism

  • 7 dagen geleden · It's the same story in two other vital target seats, Angus and ... Savannah Chrisley reveals mom Julie's heartbreaking words to her ...

  • The biggest lie about ­general elections is that they don't change anything. The truth is that votes cast today will decide the long-term future of Scotland.

Today, we can prise Scotland from rotten grip of toxic nationalism
Target Savannah Mall Evicted (2024)


Why did Savannah Mall close? ›

Savannah Mall was sold at auction to BCHM Investment Group for eight million dollars in October 2022. The mall at the time of sale had air conditioning and escalator issues. In December 2022, it was reported that the mall's new owners were asking remaining tenants to vacate.

Who owns Bchm Investment Group? ›

According to the business information listed on the Georgia Secretary of State's website, Robert Ali is the registered agent of BCHM.

How many stores does Savannah Mall have? ›

The Savannah Mall has over 100 stores to be explored including Baby City, Dischem, Donna Claire, Magic Company, Green Cross and so much more.

How much was the Savannah Mall sold for? ›

Savannah Mall was purchased by BCHM Investment Group LLC for about $8.44 million on Oct. 4, according to the sales record. Formed in September, BCHM is involved in real estate, rental and leasing, according to the Georgia Secretary of State's office.

Who owns Oglethorpe Mall in Savannah? ›

Who owns Fortress Investment Group LLC? ›

Who owns PJ Investment Group? ›

Peter Jones - Chairman - PJ INVESTMENT (GROUP) LIMITED | LinkedIn.

Who owns Lebashe Investment Group? ›

Who is the founder of Lebashe Investment Group? Tshepo Mahloele is the founder of Lebashe Investment Group.

What mall has the most stores? ›

1) Mall of America

With more than 500 stores, Mall of America is a shopping haven for brand enthusiasts, housing a wide range of high-end brands and unique boutiques. The largest indoor theme park in North America, Nickelodeon Universe, is one of its most famous attractions.

Who bought City Market Savannah? ›


The new owners of Savannah's City Market, Green Room Partners, have released their vision for the property.

Who owns Mall of Georgia? ›

Why was Rolling Acres Mall abandoned? ›

Rolling Acres Mall fell victim to declining shopper traffic and permanently closed in 2013. Former tenants include Macy's, JCPenney, Target, and Sears.

Why did South Square Mall close? ›

History. Opened in 1975 and closed in 2002 due to competition from the newly opened Streets at Southpoint mall, its original anchors were Belk-Leggett (later renamed Hudson-Belk), J.C. Penney, and Montgomery Ward.

Why is Savannah open container? ›

This encompasses everything from River Street to Jones Street and Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard to West Broad Street. With no federal or state law restricting open containers, local legislation and Savannah sided in favor of open containers and to-go cups.


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